North Carolina Barbecue Box


Please note: We are currently substituting Elizabeth Karmel's Carolina 'Cue sauce for Lexington Barbecue Dip.

The great North Carolina barbecue debate wages on, but we're just here to enjoy the wood-smoked pork and vinegary sauce. Curated by the folks behind The Great NC BBQ Map, this box doesn't pick sides. It includes:

  • Wilber's Barbecue Sauce: Representing the eastern style, this vinegar and pepper sauce adds tartness to cut through the richness of wood-smoked whole hog barbecue.
  • Lexington Barbecue Dip: These folks add ketchup to their sauce in the Piedmont tradition. This tangy sweet sauce is meant to be mopped over wood-smoked pork shoulders. 
  • Atkinson Mill Sweet Betsy Hushpuppy Mix: You can't have barbecue without a corn meal-based side. The most common is hushpuppies, and we love this sweet onion-y mix you can make at home.
  • The Great NC BBQ Map: Hungry for more? Go out and explore the diversity of North Carolina barbecue with this gorgeous, informative map designed in Raleigh and printed in Burlington for Charlotte-based EDIA Maps.

This gift box is carefully hand-packed in our beautiful NC MADE packaging and includes an information sheet describing each product plus an optional handwritten greeting card.